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  • Heroes of Newerth

    Heroes of Newerth

    Rift Bubbles (video game video with voice over)

    I'm really proud of this role because it was a lot of fun to voice. Not only is my character really powerful, but he says funny things. My favorite part of this particular role was that I had to sing for my character a parody of the Pokemon Theme Song called, "Oh Great One!".
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  • Seduce Me

    Seduce Me & Seduce Me 2 - Demon Lord

    Demon Lord Introduction from Seduce Me 2: The Demon War

    This Character was a fantastic one to voice as I was the antagonist in the story. It was challenging to play a villain, but I did a good enough job that I still receive hate mail for being mean in the game. This role was also the first time that I reprised a role for a Video Game Sequel.
  • Yandere Simulator

    Yandere Simulator Male Rivals

    Introduction - Mujo the Nurse
    Mujo Clip of Yandere Simulator (animation)

    Playing an effeminate Nurse was a really fun role. I enjoy voicing characters in my higher range and this was perfect! The people responded so well to my character that I received fan art for it! I love it!
  • Chance


    Stand in/Stunt Double For Ethan Suplee

  • Bird of the Soul

    Bird of the Soul

    Narrator, Adult Jay

    This role was an emotional role for me. Having to cry and laugh was more difficult than I expected! When I watch this animation, it truly brings emotion to my heart. This dubbed animation has such a beautiful story. I was really honored to be cast in it.

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